Reading Endorsement

Reading Endorsement

The Just Read, Florida! office spearheaded the effort to revise the Reading Endorsement to incorporate new research conducted since the National Reading Panel Report. Dr. Barbara Foorman, Dr. Timothy Shanahan, and Dr. Janice Dole served as framers and reviewers for this project. These experts delineated the content of new research and provided the framework for a team of writers representative of various locations in Florida and populations impacted by the Reading Endorsement (ESE, ELL, higher education, etc.). The writers collaborated to develop the new endorsement which was approved by the State Board of Education in September 2011.

The text of the new endorsement is available at: Reading Endorsement Competencies 2011 (PDF)

Reading Endorsement State Board of Education Rule 6A-4.0163, F.A.C.

Florida District Add-on Program for Currently Employed Educators

Teachers who are currently employed in a Florida school district may add the Reading Endorsement to their certificate through an approved district add-on program. For more information, please contact your District Professional Development Director.

Other Educators

If you are not currently employed by a school district in Florida, do not hold a valid Florida Educator Certificate, or you hold a Reading certificate from another state, please visit the Bureau of Educator Certification’s homepage for detailed information on the application process and paths to certification including reciprocity with other states.