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2017-2018 Charter School Capital Outlay

Section 1013.62, Florida Statutes (F.S.), establishes eligibility criteria for charter school capital outlay funding, specifies the purposes for which charter school capital outlay funds may be expended and directs the Commissioner of Education to establish procedures for the submission and approval of charter school capital outlay plans. 

Charter school capital outlay plans must be submitted to the Florida Department of Education online by July 7, 2017, and each sponsoring district must review and recommend its charter schools’ plans by July 28, 2017. The commissioner will make the final determination of eligibility following receipt of capital outlay plans and district recommendations. The online application allows sponsoring districts to view a charter school’s plan and provide comments that will be considered by the commissioner in determining eligibility. In the event that additional information becomes known during the 2017-18 fiscal year that may affect a charter school’s eligibility, the affected district and charter school are required to forward such information to the commissioner. 

Each charter school is required to submit its capital outlay plan online at Please use the same login credentials as required for the completion and submission of the charter school annual accountability report.

Schools may view their capital outlay allocations at

If you have questions about the allocation of capital outlay funding, please contact the Fixed Capital Outlay Office at 850-245-9865 or If a charter school does not have login credentials or has other questions concerning the submission of its online capital outlay plan, please contact LaCrest Reed in the Office of K-12 School Choice at 850-245-0502 or

2016-19 Public Charter Schools Program Grant Request for Proposals

The Department is eager to announce the release of the 2016-19 Public Charter Schools Program Grant (CSP) Request for Proposals. The purpose of the CSP grant is to provide financial support to newly approved charter schools. The 2016-19 CSP competition will utilize a 2-stage process. All eligible applicants (as defined in the RFP) are invited to submit a Stage I Proposal using our online application system. Continue Reading

District-Charter Compact

The primary purpose of the District-Charter Collaborative Compact (DCCC) is to encourage and support Districts in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to ensure that all students, especially those currently attending or zoned for schools in high-need areas, have access to highly effective schools. Continue reading.

Supporting Charter School Transition To Florida Standards

The Office of K-12 School Choice has partnered with Public Consulting Group (PCG) to support charter schools as they transition to the Florida Standards and effectively use data from Local Instructional Improvement Systems. We are pleased to announce that we will continue this partnership during the 2015-2016 school year, providing all interested charter schools with an opportunity to participate in Blended Professional Learning free of charge. Continue reading.

Charter Support Unit (CSU)

A major objective set forth in Florida's 2011-16 Charter School Program (CSP) grant with the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) requires the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to establish a Charter Support Unit (CSU). Continue reading.

CPALMS Charter

The Office of K-12 School Choice has renewed the CPALMS Charter contract for the 2015-16 school year. CPALMS Charter is a project designed to support charter school teachers and leaders across the State of Florida in providing standards-based instruction through the implementation of the CPALMS' resources and tools. Continue reading.