If you have difficulty accessing the files below, and need this information, please contact the Apprenticeship Section at 850-245-0454.
  • Apprenticeship Openings (Excel) A form to provide information about openings in Sponsor's area on the DOE Apprenticeship website.
  • Training Agreement (Excel) Pre-apprenticeship or On-The-Job Training Agreement between the Participant and the Training Program Sponsor
  • Employers Agreement (Excel) Agreement form between the Employer and the Apprenticeship Program Sponsor
  • Request for Duplicate Completion Certificate (PDF) Form requesting replacement of lost/destroyed certificate of completion for apprentice. (Please Note: This form is for duplicate APPRENTICESHIP certificates only - not for Teacher Certification)
  • Signature of Authorization (Excel) Form authorizing person(s) affiliated with committee/sponsor to sign documents relating to program actions.
  • States' Designation of Certifying Official(s) (PDF) Form to designate the certifying official, or to change the designated certifying official's information. This form must be filled out by the registered apprenticeship program and sent to the Florida Department of Veteran's Affairs (FDVA) State Approving Agency, in order to be listed on the VA approved program list in Florida.