Bureau of School Improvement

Bureau of School Improvement (BSI) Mission

The Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of School Improvement (BSI) will serve as district and inter-agency liaisons to support improved outcomes for all students through strategic problem solving and capacity building in the areas of:

  • Accountable and Shared Leadership
  • Standards-based Instruction and Learning
  • Positive Culture and Environment

Bureau of School Improvement Vision

The Bureau of School Improvement Team members are collaborative partners who support continuous improvement and improved student outcomes by:

  • Modeling and engaging in relevant, aligned professional learning
  • Utilizing data for purposeful planning and problem solving
  • Building relationships and facilitating effective communication between all stakeholders
  • Strengthening position connections between schools, districts, communities, and DOE agencies

Bureau of School Improvement Goal

If we implement our Bureau of School Improvement mission and vision with fidelity, then 68% of Differentiated Accountability (DA) schools will increase their school grade in 2018.

Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS)

The Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) was developed by BSI to provide districts and schools with an online platform for collaborative planning and problem solving. The system has continued to expand and now includes:

  • Data visualizations for needs assessment and goal development
  • School and district improvement plans
  • School Improvement Grant 1003(g) and UniSIG proposals
  • Registration for BSI-hosted professional development opportunities
  • Resources, tools, and guidance to support continuous improvement

All districts and schools in Florida are welcome to use CIMS! Specific requirements and timelines for schools and districts in Differentiated Accountability, as well as a wealth of additional information may be found in the FAQ and Toolkit.

Public Access

For public access to current and prior year plans in CIMS that are published for specific districts and schools, please visit https://www.floridacims.org/districts.