Articulation Coordinating Committee - Oversight Committee

Articulation Coordinating Committee - Oversight Committee


The purposes of the Oversight Committee are: 1) to review and approve faculty committee recommendations for common course prerequisites; 2) to promote the availability and use of common course prerequisites; 3) to review statewide career ladder and capstone agreements; and 4) to review statewide career and technical certificate to associate degree agreements.

Primary Activities

The primary role of the Oversight Committee is to make recommendations based on information resulting from the following:
  1. Reconciling designated common prerequisite courses with the Statewide Course Numbering System to ensure accuracy and utility.
  2. Building institution accountability for adhering to designated program prerequisites and advising students appropriately.
  3. Surveying the faculty sub-committees to determine if changes in programs warrant changes in designated prerequisites.
  4. Conducting a review of institution catalogs for verification of the communication of common program prerequisites.
  5. Studying student participation in statewide agreements.
  6. Conducting a review of current programs that may be candidates for statewide articulation, including institution surveys and workforce trends.

Committee Composition

The Oversight Committee will consist of 11 members. An executive committee will be comprised of the director of the Office of Articulation, the chief academic officer of the Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Education, and the chief academic officer of the State University System. The chief academic officers will serve as committee co-chairs. Each co-chair will recommend four (4) institutional representatives from their respective sector to serve as members of the committee, and the appointments will be approved by a vote of the executive committee.

Relevant Statutes and Rules Pertaining to Common Prerequisites

  1. 1007.25(5), F.S
  2. 1001.02(x), F.S.
  3. 6A-10.024(20), F.A.C.

Relevant Statutes and Rules Pertaining to Statewide Articulation Agreements

  1. 6A-10.024(6)(b), F.A.C.
  2. 6A-10.024(6)(c), F.A.C.
  3. 6A-10.024(7)(d), F.A.C.