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  • Social Studies Grades 6-8: How are Laws Made?
    • Learn how a bill, an idea for a law, becomes a law. You will see how bills are passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. And you will understand how all three branches of government play a role in determining the laws of our land. This complicated process ensures that our laws are fair and can withstand the tests of time. SS.7.C.3.8, SS.7.C.3.9
  • English Language Arts Grades 9-10: President Ronald Reagan Speaks to the "Enemy"
    • Examine a text as though you are a detective, looking for clues. You will be able to look at a text as closely as a detective for evidence to support and prove your points.You will be able to analyze what a text says directly and indirectly. You will be able to prove your points with evidence by referring to what is explicitly or directly stated in a text, as well as show what textual evidence you used to infer what the author simply hinted at. LAFS.910.RI.1.1, LAFS.910.RI.4.10
  • Science Grades 6-8: Your Ice Cream Is Moving
    • By the end of this tutorial you should be able to sequence a series of diagrams to create a model of a substance transitioning from a solid state to a liquid state. SC.8.P.8.1

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