Threat/Intimidation (TRE) - Level III


A threat to cause physical harm to another person with or without the use of a weapon that includes all of the following elements: 1) intent-an intention that the threat is heard or seen by the person who is the object of the threat; 2) fear-a reasonable fear or apprehension by the person who is the object of the threat that the threat could be carried out; and 3) capability-the ability of the offender to actually carry out the threat directly or by a weapon or other instrument that can easily be obtained.


  • Student or other willfully and repeatedly following another or stalking with intent to cause the person to fear for his/her safety.
  • Student or other who willfully and repeatedly uses e-mail or text messages to cause another to fear for his/her safety or cause substantial emotional distress (cyber-stalking).

Additional Guidelines

Note: Any threat of violence towards the school, targeted groups, or individuals that does not contain the three elements of intent, fear, and capability, but does result in school disciplinary action and a Law Enforcement investigation, should be coded as Disruption on Campus-Major (DOC) if it causes a significant campus disruption.



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