Larceny/Theft (STL) - Level III


The unauthorized taking, carrying, riding away, or concealing the property of another person, including motor vehicles, without threat, violence, or bodily harm.


  • Student or other embezzling public funds.
  • Student or other stealing an item/items worth $300 or more.
  • Student finding a checkbook, signing owner's name, and making a purchase.
  • Student or other stealing a car or motorcycle.


  • Student or other borrowing an item without permission.
  • Student or other committing robbery (code as Robbery instead)
  • Student or other stealing an item/items less than $300.
  • Student steals a credit card but no charges are made to the card.

Additional Guidelines

Note: The item(s) must total $300 or more in value to report in SESIR. However, it is important for schools to document these types of incidents on their local student discipline referral form.


Why is it important to have local codes for theft that do not meet the SESIR Larceny/Theft threshold/definition?

  • If the district does not have local codes for lower-level incidents that do not meet the SESIR threshold for theft, such incidents will be coded as SESIR incidents and the district will be over-reporting in these areas.


  • 812.014 Theft*
  • 812.061 Larceny
  • *Per 1006.13, Florida Statutes, "Zero-tolerance policies do not require the reporting of petty acts of misconduct and misdemeanors to a law enforcement agency, including, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, disrupting a school function, simple assault or battery, affray, theft of less than $300, trespassing, and vandalism of less than $1,000." [1006.13(4)(c)]


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