Hate Crime

Hate Crime-Related


The definition of "Hate Crime-Related" is intended to consolidate key elements from various state definitions of hate crimes and reads: "An act, or attempted act, to cause physical injury, emotional suffering or property damage through intimidation, harassment, racial/ethnic slurs and bigoted epithets, vandalism, force or the threat of force, motivated all or in part by hostility to the victim's real or perceived race, religion, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, political beliefs, marital status, age, social and family background, linguistic preference or mental/physical disability. Creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment." The motivation (intent) behind the act is the key element in determining whether an incident is hate-related.

Additional Guidelines

Note: The definition was changed in an effort to consolidate key elements from various state definitions of hate crimes.

Note: "Disability" was further defined to include both mental and physical disabilities.

Note: The intent or motivation behind the act was added because it is a key element when reporting whether an incident is hate crime-related.

Data Elements:


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