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An incident is gang-related if gang affiliation/association caused the incident or was a contributing factor to action that happened during the incident. For example, an incident of vandalism or robbery might be part of an initiation into a gang or a fight might be caused by group rivalry. Report an incident as gang-related only if you are sure that gang affiliation/association contributed to that incident. Factors to be considered when determining whether the incident is gang-related include, but are not limited to the following: A gang is a somewhat organized group of some duration, sometimes characterized by turf concerns, symbols, special dress or colors. The group is recognized as a gang by its members and others. One or more of those involved in the incident admits to gang affiliation/association or admits that gang affiliation/association was a contributing factor to the incident. One or more involved were wearing clothing, tattoos, or a style of dress "known" to be associated with gangs. Students/witnesses to the incident alleged that the incident or one or more of those involved in the incident was gang-related or affiliated/associated with a gang. The determination of whether or not the incident was gang-related should be based on a reasonable interpretation of the totality of the circumstances.

Additional Guidelines

Note: The "Gang-Related" definition was expanded to enable districts to better understand, interpret, and report "gang-related" incidents.

Note: The data element "Student, Involved in Gang" was deleted in 2008 to prevent students involved in gang activity from being identified.

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