Secondary Science Webinar – Science Strategies for Improving Student Health and Academic Achievement

Secondary Science WebinarScience Strategies for Improving Student Health and Academic Achievement

The webinar begins with a review of data in regards to the sexual health and behavior of Florida’s youth. This is followed by defining Exemplary Sexual Health Education, please note that the specific content and curriculum is determined by local school district policy. A review of Florida statutes in regards to sexual health education is provided. Next Generation Sunshine State Standards are identified that align with the 16 Critical Sexual Health Education Topics from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The webinar concludes with staff from the Leon County School District sharing their success story in implementing an evidence-based sexual health curriculum in their high schools after the Biology End-of-Course Assessment.


PJ Duncan, Secondary Science Specialist

Ksena Zipperer, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Coordinator

Desired outcomes:

  • Identify challenges that impact student health and academic achievement
  • Identify Florida standards and benchmarks that are aligned with instruction to positively affect health and academic achievement
  • Recognize the impact of implementing evidence-based “family life” curricula
  • Learn how one partner district has implemented an evidence-based “family life” curriculum through science
  • Identify available resources from state and national sources


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