Dr. Carol Dweck’s section in her book Mindset titled “Is success about learning – or proving you're smart” takes us through the two mindsets and how they process success. For ourstudent who chooses a fixed mindset, everything is a competition. School is not about learning something; it’s about proving you are better than others. These students are afraid of taking risks and trying to learn something new because if they do not learn the concept faster than others, they have not succeeded.

Our students who choose a growth mindset thrive on learning. These children believe that you are only successful when you have learned something new. School is about learning and they try hard to feel that success.

To help our students displaying a fixed mindset begin to display a growth mindset, we must create a safe learning environment where they are not afraid to take risks and mistakes are embraced. We should praise our students for hard work and effort and make them feel good about trying.

When our students are struggling to reach a goal, we let them know that they just aren’t there “yet.”

Tedx Norrkoping x=independently organized TED event Carol Dweck on the Power of Yet