Classroom Resources

A HUGE thank you to the teachers who have shared growth mindset tools they created to meet their own needs! Please be sure to email any resources you have created and would like to share with the teaching community!

Another HUGE thank you to the team and Mindset Works for allowing the FDOE to share some of their resources on this page. For additional resources from Mindset Works be sure to visit and register for free access. You may also purchase the Educator Toolkit on that site, which has some wonderful modules to help us deepen our understanding of how to practice a growth mindset in our classrooms.

Classroom Norms

Effort Rubric for Students (PDF)

Feedback Tool (PDF)

Framing Tool (PDF)

Mindset Kit (External Site)

Two Mindsets Student Chart (Word)

Video on Grit

youcubed (External Site)

Professional Learning

The following resources are links to external sites that have mindset articles or videos for professional learning.

Academic Mindsets for Learner Success

Boosting Achievement With Messages That Motivate (PDF)

Even Geniuses Work Hard

How to Help Every Child Fulfill Their Potential - RSA Animate

Match Minis

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids (PDF)

Why We Persist at Some things but Quit at Others