A lack of student effort and motivation is one of the top five complaints from teachers. What Dr. Carol Dweck has found is that our students who display a lack of motivation and effort are in the fixed mindset.

Students have been conditioned to believe that when they have to work hard at something, they are not very smart. These students consider themselves to be inadequate if they are in a class that is difficult and requires many hours of studying. They believe and say to themselves, "Things come easily for students who are intelligent."

We might see some of our highest performing students display a lack of effort. This is because, according to Dweck, they have been tagged as gifted, genius, or a natural. If they try and put forth effort and are not successful, they feel like a failure. It’s easier to not try so they cannot fail.

Students who choose to display a growth mindset understand that even the best and brightest people have to work hard to achieve goals. Growth mindset students try their hardest and if they fail, they use that failure to learn what they should do differently next time. In our classrooms, we must encourage our children to make mistakes and teach them how to analyze and learn from them.

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