EdCert VERSA Conversion

The Florida Department of Education is on schedule for the November 2017 launch of the new Educator Certification System. This new system will streamline the application process, and although there will be changes, the improvements will be invaluable to educators and school districts.


  • Fast search and retrieval of application and status
  • Easy attachment and viewing of required documents
  • Online processing with a secure and user-friendly interface
  • Common application for all State certification actions

School Districts

  • Common application for all State certification actions
  • Reduced manual processing
  • Improved record keeping, reduces need for paper documents
  • Fast search and retrieval of applicants and their information for easier employment screening
  • Opportunities for school district collaboration:
    • May-July 2017 - Acceptance testing by subject matter experts, including select district certification partners, who may volunteer to assist the department in validating system configurations and functionality.
    • August-October 2017 - System training for certification partners in every school district and widespread communications with stakeholders.
    • November 2017 - Education Certification System release.


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