Guidelines And Procedures Manual

Purpose of the Manual

The manual is a public reference document that seeks to provide coordination and consistency among the colleges. The Guidelines provide a reference point for local boards of trustees and college presidents to develop local policies. These Guidelines are suggestive, and the Guidelines should not be considered mandatory or prescriptive. The Procedures provide a consistent set of processes in the Division relating to colleges reports, requests and college audits.

Process for Approval to the Manual

The standard process for Guidelines and Procedures to be incorporated into the Manual is through a recommendation of the Presidents Council and subsequent approval by the Chancellor of the Division of Florida Colleges. When an item is approved, the Manual shall be updated by the Division and made available to the colleges for reference.

Guidelines and Procedures Manual Index

Guidelines and Procedures Manual (PDF, 358KB)


  1. Guidelines for Effective Use of Part-Time Faculty
  2. Guidelines for Vacation Leave
  3. Guidelines for Concurrent-use Articulation Agreements
  4. Guidelines for Student Activity and Service Fee Budget Development
  5. Guidelines for the Implementation of Laboratory/Special Course Fees and User Fees
  6. Guidelines for Minority Business Expenditure Reporting
  7. Appendix A: OSD w/MBE Report General ledger Codes (GLC)
  8. Appendix B: Annual Certified Minority Business Expenditure Report
  9. Guidelines for Managing Tangible Personal Property
  10. Debt Evaluation Guidelines For Florida College System Direct Support Organizations


  1. Procedures for Joint-Use Facility Needs Assessment
  2. Procedures for Reviewing Audit Reports
  3. Procedures for the Determination of Operating Cost of New Facilities within the Legislative Budget Request
  4. Procedures for Student FTE (Full-time Equivalent) Estimates and Projections
  5. Procedures to Request Campus, Center, Special Purpose Center and Instructional Site Designations
  6. Procedures for Reviewing Florida College System Institutions District Direct-Support Organizations Audit Reports
  7. Direct Support Organizations Audit Review Check List
  8. Procedures for Contractual Provisions for Construction Contracts