HIV/STD Prevention Professional Development and Upcoming Events

Professional Development and Information Sessions

Sexual Health Education (SHE) 102 Online Course, Winter/Spring 2019

Panhandle Education Consortium’s ePDC Learns Academy is offering SHE 102, an HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention, online, no cost, professional development course, developed by Florida’s Exemplary Sexual Health Education Workgroup. Registration is open now. SHE 102 will end Friday, June 14, 2019. Locate the course on the PAEC website at SHE 102 Winter/Spring 2019 then follow registration instructions found at this link Registration Instructions, SHE 102 (PDF).

Information Session

Florida’s HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project provided a webinar on November 30, 2017 entitled, “HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention: What Works for Youth?”. The webinar featured a webcast with youth from Florida school districts answering questions concerning these important topics and providing suggestions for strategies that are effective with youth. Also, information was provided concerning the requirements for instruction in Florida related to HIV/STD and teen pregnancy prevention.

View the webcast recording by registering at