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Volunteer and Community Involvement programs develop community resources in response to the differing needs of classrooms. By accessing the many diverse resources found in communities, these programs enrich and enhance school curriculum. A wide array of community partners enables these programs to maximize their impact. Volunteers may tutor, mentor, assist in the classroom, help with fundraising, participate in developing school plans, as well as many other opportunities. Recognition awards promote community involvement as well as highlight outstanding volunteer practices and showcase exemplary projects which are then shared statewide. The following are the district Volunteer Program Contacts who manage the volunteer program and the award process for each school district:

5 Star School Awards

This award is presented annually to schools that have shown evidence of exemplary community involvement.

Golden and Silver School Awards

Recognizes both public elementary and secondary schools with exemplary volunteer programs.

Outstanding School Volunteer Awards

A student, an adult and a senior volunteer from each of the five regions in Florida is honored for outstanding dedication and commitment.

The Family and Community Involvement Award

Recognizes projects that successfully engage parents in meaningful school-based programs.

Awards Information and Applications

We are proud to recognize excellence in education with the following Awards

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