June 17, 2014 - Agenda

Gary Chartrand, Chair
John R. Padget, Vice Chair
Ada G. Armas
John A. Colón
Marva Johnson
Rebecca Fishman Lipsey
Andy Tuck

Florida State College at Jacksonville, Nassau Center
76346 William Burgess Blvd., Building 30
Yulee, FL 32097

June 17, 2014

9:00 a.m. Call to Order Chair Gary Chartrand
Pledge of Allegiance
Member Comments
Commissioner's Report (PDF, 19KB) Commissioner Pam Stewart
  1. K-12 Public Schools - Dr. John Ruis, Superintendent, Nassau County Public Schools on behalf of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (PDF, 19KB)
  2. Florida College System - President Jim Henningsen, on behalf of the Council of Presidents (PDF, 60KB)
Action Items
  1. Approval of Budget Guidelines for Development of 2015-2016 Legislative Budget Request (PDF, 111KB)
  2. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.09401, Student Performance Standards (PDF, 57KB)
Consent Items
  1. Approval of District Turnaround Option Selections (PDF, 549KB)
  2. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0252, Use of Prescribed Pancreatic Enzyme Supplements (PDF, 1MB)
  3. Approval of the College Reach-Out Program 2014-2015 Funding Recommendations (PDF, 512KB)
  4. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6M-4.200, School Readiness Eligibility Provisions (PDF, 159KB)
  5. Approval of New Rule 6M-8.500, VPK Specialized Instructional Services: Child Eligibility and Provider Reimbursement (PDF, 579KB)
  6. Approval of Repeal of Rules Related to School Readiness: (PDF, 80KB)
    • 6M-4.100, Definitions
    • 6M-4.201, Eligibility for Children at Risk of Abuse or Neglect
    • 6M-4.202, Eligibility for Children at Risk of Welfare Dependency
    • 6M-4.203, Eligibility for children in Working Family Whose Income Does Not Exceed 150 Percent of the Federal Poverty Level
    • 6M-4.205, Economically Disadvantaged Children, Children With Disabilities, and Children at Risk of Future School Failure, From Birth to Four (4) Years of Age, Who are Served at Home Through Home Visitor Programs and Intensive Parent Education Programs Such as the Florida First Start Program
    • 6M-4.206, Eligibility for Children Who Meet Federal and State Requirements for Eligibility for the Migrant Preschool Program but Who do not Meet the Criteria of Economically Disadvantaged
    • 6M-4.207, Eligibility for Relative Caregiver
    • 6M-4.210, Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Assistance; Breaks in Employment
  7. Approval of Repeal of Rule 6M-4.503, Misrepresentation or Fraud Regarding Reimbursement (PDF, 36KB)
Concluding Remarks Chair Gary Chartrand