General Education Core Course Options

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House Bill 7135 (Chapter 2012-195, Laws of Florida) amended Section 1007.25, Florida Statutes, mandating the appointment of faculty committees to establish general education core course options under the new 30-hour general education requirement. These faculty committees identified a maximum of five postsecondary courses in each of the general education subject areas of communication, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences to make up the general education core. To complete the general education core, students must complete at least one identified course from each of the general education subject areas.

The general education core course options will be adopted in State Board of Education Rule and Board of Governors Regulation. The remaining hours to complete the general education requirement are at the discretion of the institution. Students entering a Florida College System institution or state university in 2014-2015 or thereafter must meet these new general education requirements.

The General Education Steering Committee is made up of five members each from the Florida College System and State University System, and was appointed by each of these Chancellors. The Steering Committee will direct the work of the faculty committees and the entire general education project.

Steering Committee Membership

Steering Committee Members
Committee Members' Institution
Alternates' Institution

Barbara Howard
Lake Sumter Community College
Judy Bilsky
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Pamela Menke
Miami Dade College
George Bishop
Gulf Coast State College

Sharon Erle
North Florida Community College
Ken Ross
Polk State College

Leana Revell
South Florida State College
Michael Vitale
Daytona State College

Karen Borglum
Valencia Community College
Craig Johnson
Hillsborough Community College

Doug Robertson
Florida International University
Tom Westcott
University of West Florida

Karen Laughlin
Florida State University
Jim Wohlpart
Florida Gulf Coast University

Diane Chase
University of Central Florida
Donald Palm
Florida A&M University

Bernard Mair
University of Florida
Bob Sullins
University of South Florida

Brenda Claiborne
Florida Atlantic University
Edward Pratt
Florida Atlantic University