Title IV Part A, Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)

Purpose of Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) Grant

The SSAE grant is intended to improve student academic achievement by increasing the capacity of State educational agencies (SEAs), local educational agencies (LEAs), and local communities to:

  • provide all students with access to a well-rounded education;
  • improve school conditions for student learning; and
  • improve the use of technology in order to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students.

Role of the State Educational Agency (SEA)/Florida Department of Education (FDOE)

  • The SEA plays an important role in ensuring equitable access to an excellent education. In general, the US Department of Education allocates the SSAE program funds to States by formula based on each State’s share of funds under Title I, Part A of the ESEA.
  • The SEA/FDOE must reserve at least 95 percent of its SSAE program allocation for subgrants to LEAs/School Districts and not more than one percent of its SSAE program allocation for administrative costs.
  • FDOE awards SSAE subgrants to school districts by formula in the same proportion as to the School Districts’ prior year’s Title I, Part A allocations.
    • FDOE is responsible for developing the application that school districts must submit to receive their funds from the State.

School Districts Requirements

  • School Districts (LEAs) must complete and submit the FDOE Request for Application (RFA) to receive their program allocation from FDOE.
  • A school district may, if it chooses, apply for funds in consortium with one or more surrounding school districts and combine funds each district receives.
  • Districts receiving $30,000 or More MUST:
    • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment that includes, at a minimum, a focus on three content areas:
      • Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities;
      • Safe and Healthy Students; and
      • Effective Use of Technology
  • Districts receiving less than $30,000:
    • Is NOT required to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment
    • Is only required to focus on one of the three SSAE content areas: well-rounded, safe and healthy, and technology.

Funding Allocations

  • A Special Rule in the SSAE program for activities to support the effective use of technology:
    • Districts or consortiums of districts may NOT spend more than 15 percent of funding in this content area on devices, equipment, software applications, platforms, digital instructional resources and/or other one-time IT purchases. (ESEA section 4109(b))
  • Based on the results of the comprehensive needs assessment, the district or a consortium of districts (receiving $30,000 or More) must use:
    • At least 20 percent of funds for activities to support well-rounded educational opportunities;
    • At least 20 percent of funds for activities to support safe and healthy students; and
    • A portion of funds for activities to support effective use of technology.

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