Secondary Science Webinar September – Physics & the Arts

This webpage contains information and resources related to Secondary Science Instruction. The webinar begins with a review of the resources available from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and of the standards alignment of resources to NGSSS. This is followed by a review of arts integration based on the definition and lesson checklist found in Defining Arts Integration from The Kennedy Center Arts Edge. The lesson, Envisioning Electric Fields, requires pairs of students to work together to design, revise and create a 3-dimensional sculpture/model of an electric field. Also included in the webinar is a review of supporting documents and example projects.


PJ Duncan, Secondary Science Specialist
Jennifer Infinger, Fine Arts Education Specialist

Desired outcomes:

  • Review education resources from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab)
  • Review standards alignment of resources to NGSSS
  • Gain an understanding of Arts Integration and 5E Instructional Model
  • Experience an example of Physics and Visual Arts Integration through the Envisioning Electric Fields lesson


Related resources:

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