Holiday Reading Tips


Read to your baby for short periods several times a day. As you read, point out things in the pictures. Name them as you point to them. Cardboard or cloth books with large simple pictures of things with which babies are familiar are the best books to begin with.

Ages 1-4

Talk with your children as you read together. Point to pictures and name what is in them. When they are ready, ask them to do the same. Ask them about their favorite parts of the story, and answer their questions about events or characters. Wherever you are with your children, point out individual letters in signs, billboards, posters and books. When they are 3 to 4 years old, ask them to begin finding and naming some letters.

Ages 5-6

Read predictable books to your children. Teach them to hear and say repeating words, such as color names, numbers, letters and animals. Predictable books help children to understand how stories progress. A child easily learns familiar phrases and repeats them, pretending to read. Practice the sounds of language by reading books with rhymes and playing simple word games (i.e., How many words can you make up that sound like the word "bat"?)

Ages 6-7

Point out the letter-sound relationships your children are learning on labels, boxes, newspapers and magazines. Listen to your children read words and books from school. Be patient and listen as they practice. Let him know you are proud of their reading.

Ages 7-9

Build reading accuracy by having your children read aloud and point out words they missed; help them read the words correctly. If you stop to focus on a word, have your children re-read the whole sentence to be sure they understand the meaning.

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