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As parents, we want our children to have the opportunity to receive a great education so they are prepared for the college or career of their dreams. The Florida Standards will help our students reach their fullest potential by promoting a deeper level of critical thinking and problem solving that is necessary to be competitive in today’s job market. It is our goal to empower families with resources and information they need to help their child be successful in school. 

As parents and family members, understanding what it’s like for your child to learn under the new Florida Standards is important. It’s our goal to provide you with the resources and information to help prepare your child for success in each grade level.

Parent Guides

Download the English Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) Parent Guides by grade level:


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Download the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) Parent Guides by grade level:


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Student Resources

Feedback from real Florida teachers on

  • This website helped me a lot and I thank the people who made this possible, thank you.
  • Omg! This is an amazing website.
  • aaawesome!!!! Love this and only wish I knew about this resource from the beginning of the year.  
  • I must say that I think that this site is AWESOME! I would love it if you were to add more of the Original Tutorial Primary Source for each benchmark. The students really seem to love it. Using their mobile devices that can listen, learn and practice specific areas of concerns.
  • This is a very good tutorial. I needed help in this section and I like how you had the rap. That put a twist in it.
  • My students enjoyed this tutorial. It was beneficial to all students. For some it provided the remediation they needed. For others it was a great review of the concepts. GREAT JOB!
  • This resource looks excellent! Within a few clicks, I can quickly get to anything I might be able to use and the alignment with the new math standards is great.
  • This is GREAT……I just went on the website!!!  Definitely something I can use.
  • Good evening. Just wanted to share with you that from what I can tell, the civics tutorials are pretty popular! It's the most read post on the FJCC blog by far! Between March and April, it has gotten over 500 hits! Really, again, kudos on those, and we look forward to seeing more!
  • We used Key details today and my children are ready to do some MORE!!!  Way to go!!  You have captured their interest!!  
  • My children and I did this together today!!  They absolutely loved it!!  They want to know when they can receive the icon so they can work on this on their tablets.
  • I have looked at many of the subjects, grades, and tutorials. I love that the standards are the specific Florida Standards, and I am impressed by the quality production of the lessons and the high quality of the lessons themselves.
  • I have really enjoyed sharing many of these interactive sites and short clips with other teachers. I am in a coaching role, and it is so nice to have the resources by topic.  I am not sure if anyone has viewed Study Jams as a site resource but the video clips are very good.  Thank you for providing resources to teachers!
  • I feel that this is a wonderful endeavor on behalf of Florida educators. As a Civics instructor it is very difficult to find resources for the EOC in one location. However, with this site the possibilities are endless. I am looking forward to the additional resources that will be added at a later date.
  • I love your site and think my students could greatly benefit from the activities on it.
  • I love it!!!
  • FYI, I used one of the tutorials in my class just yesterday (From Flowers to Freckles).  The kids loved it.  I gave them a follow-up set of questions to see how well they understood and they did awesome.  Next week, I am going to use the one I wrote that was published. We are reviewing for the FCAT in 2 weeks.