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Florida Standards Resource Document

During the Summer of 2014 and a large portion of the 2015 school-year, teachers and administrators statewide participated in one or both of the following FDOE sponsored Florida Standards professional development trainings:

  • The Florida Standards Professional Development Action Projects (PDAP)
  • The Florida Standards Tools & Resources Professional Development Training Series

A lot of great resources including, PowerPoints, videos, and other various instructional resources were developed as a result of these trainings. This crosswalk document is designed to align and connect the resources from both trainings. We hope this document will assist educators in accessing and using these resources in the most effective way to support Florida Standards-based in instruction in their classrooms and schools.

Florida Standards Resource Document (PDF)

Florida Standards Tools & Resources At-a-Glance Series

These eye-catching, easy-to-understand PDF’s have been designed to highlight the features, benefits and uses of the tools the department offers to school districts that educators can use to enhance Florida Standards instruction.  The tools and resources include:

We hope that educators will use these documents keep them handy in places such as on their desks, posted on a wall or in their lesson plan books for easy access and frequent use.

Tools & Resources for Teachers

Florida teachers are the front-line leaders for education in preparing our students for success after high school. The Florida Standards have been created to guide you in developing your students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. These newstandards do not tell you how to teach, rather they provide you and your teacher teams with helpful guidance while still allowing for local control over instructional materials and curriculum.

Florida Standards Professional Development Resources (from Summer 2014)

Parent Night Toolkits | Professional Development on Tools for the Florida Standards

English Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) by Grade Level

Download the English Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) by grade level:

Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) by Grade Level

Download the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) by grade level:

Here are some additional resources and professional development opportunities help you with this transition:

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Florida principals and administrators go above and beyond every day to create an environment where teachers and staff can be successful, students are inspired to work hard and parents are involved in their child’s education. Our school leaders have been a positive voice as the state has raised our standards and expected more from our students.

Tools & Resources for Administrators

You play an important role in raising our academic standards. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources to support you and your teachers during this transition to the Florida Standards.

CPALMS: Provides a listing of standards as well as information and interactive tools for teachers.