Openings in Apprenticeship

Openings in Apprenticeship Programs/Apprenticeship Applicants:

While program sponsors may not have openings listed on this page, they may nonetheless have apprenticeship opportunities available. Many programs accept applications on a continuous basis and then contact applicants directly when an opening occurs. If you are interested in searching for possible openings in a program or a trade, you should contact the registered apprenticeship program sponsors directly regarding possible apprenticeship openings. A list of registered apprenticeship occupations are also available for review on the website.

Special note: The International Union of Elevator Constructors Local #49 (PDF) and the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local #139 (PDF) are accepting applications into their programs. Please review for more information. The Northeast Florida Builders Association GNJ is accepting applications into its apprenticeship program. Review for more information. Jacksonville Plumbers & Pipefitters JATT (PDF) are now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school term. Refer to the announcement for more datails. The Jacksonville Electrical JATC (PDF), Jacksonville Electrical Teledata JATC (PDF), and Jacksonville Electrical Preapprenticeship (PDF) is accepting applications for its apprenticeship program. Please review the announcements for detailed information and how to apply to the programs. The Gainesville Electrical JATC (PDF) is accepting applications for its electrician program. Please review for more information. The ABC Institute Apprenticeship Program, Inc. GNJ has nine electrical job openings available for its registered apprenticeship program in the following counties: Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade. For more information, please visit their website, or contact the office at 954-580-2950. The Northwest Florida HVAC Apprenticeship Committee GNJ (PDF) is accepting applications for prospective appentices. Review their announcements on how to apply. The Daytona Beach Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (PDF) is currently accepting applications into its electrical apprenticeship program. Refer to the link for more information. The Iron Workers Local 597 (PDF) is now accepting applications into its preapprenticeship and apprenticeship program. Please refer to the link for information. ACRA-Local 725 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is accepting applications for the Heating and Air Conditioning Installer-Servicer (Hybrid) and the Pipefitter (Construction) apprentice trade. Applications are accepted year-round, with a cutoff date on the last Friday in April of each year. Please visit admissions for details on how to apply. The CHELCO apprenticeship program is accepting applications for its apprentice line technician trade. Please visit their website for more information. The Florida Electrical Association Tri-County Apprenticeship (PDF) is accepting applications for its program. Please see the link for additional information.

The North Florida Building Construction Trades will hold its Aprenticeship and Career Day, March 11, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Review the flyer (PDF) for additional information. 

NOTE: Please be advised that the Florida Sprinkler Fitters JATC (Program number FL007530001), is not accepting applications to its Apprenticeship Training Program, according to Mr. Greg Smith, Training Director of the program, until a further date to be determined. The training program will accept apprentices as per the current collective bargaining agreement.

Additional Training and Employment Information:

You may search for other training and employment opportunities, through Employ Florida Marketplace.

Additionally, you may be eligible for financial assistance through your local CareerSource Center when you become an apprentice. However, it is important to determine your eligibility before you enter a program by reviewing a listing of all Florida CareerSource Centers and by contacting the CareerSource Center nearest you.

For Program Sponsors:

Program sponsors may list apprenticeship openings on this page. A form for submitting your openings is located on the Forms page of our website.

Program sponsors are required under Title 29 CFR Part 30.4(c)(1) to disseminate information regarding their programs, openings and application procedures to employment service offices (Florida CareerSource Centers) either 30 days prior to the earliest application date or not less than semi-annually for programs that accept applications throughout the year. Locate a CareerSource Center in your area in order to comply with the federal code requirements.

You may also view the entire text of Title 29 CFR Part 30.